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U.S. Route 7 Bypass

Wildlife Exclusionary Barriers


         Beginning in 2006 a six year study was initiated to evaluate the impact of the then proposed U.S. Route 7 Bypass in Brookfield, Connecticut and success of the proposed mitigation package on a population of Eastern Box Turtles.  In order to evaluate the highway impacts and success of the mitigation initiatives this project was conducted in three Phases:


  • Phase One monitoring was conducted from 2006 to 2008 prior to construction activities.

  • Phase Two monitoring was conducted in 2009, during construction activities.

  • Phase Three monitoring was conducted from 2009 to 2010 after construction of the U.S. Route 7 Bypass was completed.


       To exclude smaller wildlife from crossing the roadway at grade and help facilitate the use of the passage structure though ‘funneling’, a precast concrete barrier (0.75-meter [2.5- foot] high) was installed.  The configuration and extent of the barriers were designed to maximize the available habitat adjacent to the roadway.  In addition to the precast concrete reptile barrier, a modified buried chain link fence was installed in areas of reduced wildlife activity. 

       The precast concrete reptile barrier and modified buried chain link fence were very successful in preventing small wildlife from accessing the roadway at grade.  

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