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Owned and operated by Dennis Quinn, Quinn Ecological, LLC was founded as CTHerpConsultant, LLC in 2007 to facilitate his pursuit and passion for amphibian and reptile research, conservation and  preservation. Quinn Ecological provides a variety of consulting services ranging from general wildlife and habitat characterization surveys, to detailed environmental impact assessments complete with land use planning, mitigation design and monitoring for local, state and federal governments in addition to the private sector. Having worked directly with a variety of state and federally threatened and endangered species, including the bog turtle, eastern spadefoot and timber rattlesnake, the team at Quinn Ecological is well suited for solving the complex conservation challenges facing Connecticut today.  You can follow Quinn Ecological on Facebook @CTHerpetology and on Instagram @quinnecological.

Meet the Team

Dennis Quinn


Dennis Quinn received his Master’s in Ecology & Environmental Science and Bachelor’s in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity from Central Connecticut State University and completed the New England Regional Soil Scientist certificate program through the University of Massachusetts. His lifelong love of amphibians and reptiles was the driving force in founding Quinn Ecological. Dennis has worked as a herpetologist in the State of Connecticut for over 20 years, he is a co-author of Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in Connecticut published by the CTDEEP in 2021 and is a part-time faculty member at Central Connecticut State University where he teaches Herpetology. Dennis is also a published photographer and the proud creator of, a photographic atlas for the identification of amphibians and reptiles in Connecticut. He hopes to help protect the environment, preserve species, and encourage the next generation of conservation biologists.





Jeffrey Cavallaro

Assistant Herpetologist

Jeffrey Cavallaro received his Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences with a concentration in Biology from Excelsior College in Albany, NY.  He works as Quinn Ecological’s Assistant Herpetologist, coordinating and conducting field studies throughout Connecticut. Jeff started working full-time with Quinn Ecological in 2019 but has been going into the field with Dennis since 2010. He has extensive experience working with, identifying, and surveying for the amphibians and reptiles of Connecticut. Jeff is an avid fisherman, willing to brave almost any weather and his love of the outdoors, especially amphibians and reptiles, only adds to his amazing dedication to conservation and pursuit of knowledge.

Jeff photo.jpeg

Kirk Ricketts

Environmental Scientist

Kirk Ricketts is currently perusing his Bachelors in Wildlife Conservation at Unity College. He began volunteering at Quinn Ecological in 2020 and started working full time in 2021. Kirk has had a lifelong passion for the environment and the amphibians and reptiles of Connecticut. When he’s not out conducting surveys, Kirk enjoys his opportunities presenting for schools and introducing students of all ages to herpetology and conservation. Kirk also uses his love for photography to spread the message of conservation and education, he hopes his Instagram page, @kirkricketts_photo, can help spread interest and awareness beyond the boarder of Connecticut. 

Photo Credit - Randy Best

Kirk photo.jpeg

Tianna Togninalli

Environmental Scientist

Tianna Togninalli will be receiving her Bachelors in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity in the spring of 2023 from Central Connecticut State. She began working with Quinn Ecological, LLC as an intern through her university during the 2022 field season and has since joined the company full time as an Environmental Scientist. She will be responsible for conducting field surveys and research studies across the state and will also be maintaining online resources and social media outlets for Quinn Ecological.  Tianna plans to pursue her Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Science, studying the habitat use of hatchling wood turtles.


Rosie & Wally

Turtle Specialist and Field Companions

Rosie and Wally are treeing walker coonhounds, when they are not distracted by all the scents in nature they assist in finding turtles (mainly box and wood turtles). They both love breakfast & dinner and long naps on the couch between fun adventures in the field.  

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