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Macrophotography Capture Larger-Than-Life Photographs of Nature's Smallest Subjects

I am excited to announce the release of my first macrophotography book: Macrophotography: Capture Larger-Than-Life Photographs of Nature's Smallest Subjects, published by Amherst Media. 

Many of the images in this book focus on my goals of wildlife conservation, showing people the astounding diversity that surrounds our daily lives.  I have turned my macro lenses upon the natural world to show readers how to choose, identify and use the tools they need to capture images of insects, flowers, amphibians, reptiles, and more. In this sixty section book, I detail twenty-five insects, fifteen flowers, ten amphibians and reptiles and include ten in-studio sessions.  Readers will learn how to locate their subjects, incorporate backgrounds that accentuate the overall impact of the image, how to shoot insects in flight, and other skills that will increase their likelihood of capturing technically strong, visually rewarding shots. In each section, you’ll see one to three images of a unique subject with detailed instructions on how the image was shot including the equipment used, settings chosen,  lighting conditions, camera angle, and more.

There is more to this book than instructional photographic text providing  an inspiring and enlightening blend of photographic technique and fascinating science lessons. In each of the sixty discrete sections, I provide information about each subject describing for various subjects their life cycles, feeding habits, mating rituals, breeding, and much more. 


For continued updates about this book you can follow me on Facebook.


Thanks to everyone for sharing in this exciting step in my photography career. 



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